Thursday, September 21, 2006

I definitely got hit on by a Chinese Girl

Right now I will just be posting the mass email I send out. Later, I will add more.

So I really do not know if I can put into words what happened the other day because honestly I'm not sure myself nor do I know if I can convey the ridiculousness of this dinner, but I'm going to try...

Michelle and her three friends invited me to dinner. The first time I met Michelle was an event all in itself that I will have to save for another time. Anyways I went to dinner with them and we went to a place that serves Huo Guo or as we Americans call it "Hot Pot." Basically it's this giant pot that they put in the middle of the table with a fire underneath it and then you order different foods to put into the pot. It's really cool, you cook what you want right in front of you. We head out the door and the whole time on the bus there, our four new Chinese friends are giddy as little school girls. I don't even know a word to describe them. They were like a group of junior high girls when a boy walks by. Essentially, they were crazy.

We get to the restaraunt and they pull out copy of the menu in English. They had transcribed the whole menu into English before our big night. It must have taken them hours. This was all really sweet and a little creepy at the same time.

We begin to order and the food is brought out to us. The whole room is filled with broken English and little girl giggles. The food was amazing, however anytime we said we liked something; more was immediately ordered. The conversation went something like this...

"Oh this lamb is great."
"Oh, Do you want more?"
"No thank you. I am very full."
"Ok, we will get more."

This happened for the first half hour until we realized that if we ever wanted to leave we couldn't comment on the food ever again.

Towards the end of the meal, Michelle announced to me and the two other foreigners there that her and her friends had prepared a song for us. They then began to belt "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion for our listening pleasure. (I seriously wish I was making this up.) They then followed that by what I was later told was the Chinese National Anthem. After singing, they turned to Brian and said with a smile, "Now your turn." Brian laughed and said, "I think Derek should, he loves to sing." I almost choked. But I thought to myself, maybe if they hear me sing this whole ordeal will be over, so I warmed up and let it go. I sang "Take Me To Your Heart" which if you've never heard, don't start. Apparently this little no name band hit it big in China because it is literally everywhere. After an agonizing thirty seconds of singing the chorus, they began to applaud. This is the second time in China I have been applauded for my singing. It is also the second time in my life I have been applauded for my singing. It's about time someone recognized my musical prowess.

After singing, Michelle and Christina then declared that they had prepared a dance for us. By this point, I realized this might possibly become the greatest night of my life. I have never seen anything more ridiculous as these two Freshmen Chinese girls doing a dance that looked like it came out of a Backstreet Boys video.

And if it wasn't already good enough, they then began to talk to us about their love lives. Michelle had a boyfriend who she was "very much in love with" and who "loved her very much." She repeated this over and over for emphasis. Then she told us that Christina's goal was to marry a foreigner. I didn't think Chinese people could blush.

We then left the restaraunt and Michelle took my hand to lead me across the street. My first thought was "aww that's sweet, she doesn't want me to get hit by a truck." After crossing the street she continued to hold my hand all the way to the bus. Finally, we made it back to our apartment and thanked them for the night. As we were about to leave, Michelle spread her arms wide like she was waiting for a hug. This was strange because normally the Chinese do not hug and even stranger because she did not offer any of the other two foreigners a hug. Even stranger also because up until recently hugging a girl in public essentially meant that you were sleeping together. It's not near this extreme anymore but close, and it was even more creepy because I wasn't offered a hug by any of the other girls.

I still do not feel like I have conveyed the excessive awkwarness/ridiculousness/confusion of the night but I hope I have sent a little of it your way. Please continue to Remember us here. Remember these girls and Remember some friends I made the other night. I am going to play basketball with them tommorrow. Hopefully, our Relationships will Grow. Thanks.


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